Not guilty verdict in murder case involving retired Cleveland cop Dale Edwards

CLEVELAND - Jurors found a former Cleveland police sergeant not guilty of murdering his nephew.

Cuyahoga County common pleas court judge Brendan Sheehan read the jury's verdict before noon Friday. Dale Edwards, dressed in a white shirt and black suit, jumped in place and buried his face into his hands after he heard he was found not guilty of aggravated murder in the indictment.

Edwards kept his hands over his face while the judge read the non guilty verdict for the second charge for murder.

Edwards dropped to the floor and several people gasped and sobbed after Sheehan read the non guilty verdict for the third and final charge of felonious assault.

On Oct. 10, 2012, Edwards, 60, of Cleveland, a retired Cleveland police officer, fatally shot his 25-year-old nephew, Antoine Graves, one time in the chest while in the driveway of an East 151st Street residence in Cleveland.

The suspected murder weapon was recovered from Edwards' car. Edwards was arrested on the day of the incident.

Jurors began deliberations late Monday afternoon.

Assistant prosecuting attorney Jesse Canonico said he respects the jury's verdict but he doesn't agree with it.

"We still believe that he committed a murder that day," he said.


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