Lakewood man finishes walk across Ohio to Seymour Avenue for Cleveland kidnapping victims

Cincinnati to Seymour Avenue walk took 10 days

CLEVELAND - Alex Sheen grabbed the fence surrounding the Seymour Avenue home where three women were held for 10 years and he began to weep.

His last few steps Tuesday evening as he approached the home were made with a strong look of determination, they were last steps of a 10-day, 240-mile walk across Ohio.

As the crowd applauded his accomplishment, Sheen walked over to hug Nancy Ruiz, the mother of Gina DeJesus, one of three girls who had been held captive in the home.

The Lakewood man wore a shirt with, "because I said I would" on the front. It's a social movement he started to highlight the importance of the dedication to a promise. He made the commitment to make the walk in May, shortly after the girls were found, to raise awareness for sexual abuse.

Sheen made the walk in 10 days, noting that was one day for each year the girls were held.

"There's a quote that I think about almost everyday, ‘You can pretend to care, but you can't pretend to show up'," he said as tear ran down his cheek. "I thank everybody here for taking time out of your day to show up for Amanda, Gina and Michelle."

He implored the crowd to look in their cell phone contact list and on Facebook for the names of six women, explaining that in the United States one of six women will face sexual assault in their lifetime.

Since he started his walk in Cincinnati on June 15, Sheen said he took 502,000 steps and was chased by dogs.

Second District Cleveland Police Cmdr. Keith Sulzer gave Sheen a small medal as a token of appreciation. Sulzer was heavily involved for in the search for the girls.

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