Law enforcement encourages drivers to indulge in "mocktails"

Driving safe for the Thanksgiving holiday

WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, Ohio - Law enforcement drove home an urgent message for those planning to hit the roads on Thanksgiving Day weekend: don't drink and drive.

That message was delivered during the 14th Annual mocktail holiday party held at the Marriott in Warrensville Heights.

Several police departments from around Northeast Ohio had booths with elegant displays, trying to draw attention through fun and games while reinforcing their message.

"We are not telling you not to go out and celebrate and have a good time," said Parma Police Sgt. Ken Gillissie. "We just want you to be smart about it."

Law enforcement wants people to offer the 'mocktails' to those who will be designated drivers as an alternative to alcohol. A mocktail is a beverage that imitates an alcoholic drink - without the alcohol.

Gillissie and his coworkers came up with Scallywag Spiced Scrum, which has 8 ounces of orange juice, an eighth of a teaspoon of cinnamon, and a tablespoon of instant tea, served cold or hot.

Euclid Police had Jail Ale on display: lemon juice, apple cider and ginger ale.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is typically the most traveled day of the year. More than a million Ohians will travel at least 50 miles to their destination, according to AAA.

For those embibing over the weekend, Safe Rides offers taxi service. Their number is 1-877-361-TAXI (8294).

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