Loved ones still looking for missing Cleveland woman Gloria Walker after Imperial Avenue discoveries

CLEVELAND - Greg Washington still remembers standing on Imperial Avenue four years ago as Cleveland police searched Anthony Sowell's house for bodies. Washington's son's mother, Gloria Walker, was missing.

"It was just really surreal to be standing there and wondering if Gloria is going to be one of these people," he said.

Walker wasn't one of the 11 women found at Sowell's house, and six years after her disappearance, she's still missing.

Washington said he still has hope that Walker, now 53, is alive. However, he said he's not leaving out any possibilities.

"Dead or alive, I'm still looking for her," he said. "There has to be a resolution, and if Sowell did do something to her, I sure wish he would man up and say it."

Washington believes Walker and Sowell crossed paths at a scrap yard where Walker would get cash for cans she collected around the neighborhood. He said Sowell did scrapping, too.

"What has horrified me since 2009 is, did he wrap her up in pieces and throw her away?" he said.

"Every day I wake up, I read the Bible, talk to God and I ask Him, 'Where's Gloria?' We will find her. We will find her."

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