Man tries to abduct Cleveland woman near Zelma George Park, not far from three unsolved murders

CLEVELAND - Cleveland police released a sketch in the attempted abduction of a 50-year-old woman earlier this month.

The victim told police she was walking towards Zelma George Park on Martin Luther King Boulevard on June 9 when she was approached by a man.

The man acted like he was going to shake her hand, but instead snatched her wrist. The police report said the man, who was in his early 50s, repeatedly grabbed at the woman's wrist as she started to walk towards her home.

The 50-year-old victim said the man pointed to a vacant house and asked her to come over to party, then asked if she would walk with him to East 93rd Street. She kept refusing.

When he reached for her wrist again, the victim started screaming, "You're f---ing with the wrong b----!" According to the police report, she swung her purse, which had a padlock on it, at her attacker.

The suspect fled towards East 111th Street and Parkview Avenue.

Three women have been killed in this area since March.  Twenty-year-old Jazmine Trotter was found dead under the porch of an abandoned house on East 93rd Street on March 24. That same week, Christine Malone's remains were discovered on Bessemer Avenue near East 93rd Street.

On May 28, 21-year-old mother of two Ashley Leszyeski was found near in a field near East 93rd Street and Anderson Avenue.

There are no suspects in custody in any of the three murders.

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