More people using RTA rapid transit to avoid Innerbelt detours and traffic jams

CLEVELAND, Ohio - Looking for a way to avoid Innerbelt detours and potential traffic jams and gridlock? More travelers are opting for RTA transit.  Here are a few transit tips.

  • You can get on RTA rapid transits from many train stations around Cleveland.
  • The Brookpark station parking lot fills up fast,
  • Triskett Avenue has the biggest parking lot and could be your best bet from I-90 on the west side.
  • From I-71, the Puritas station at West 150th is also a convenient option near the highway.
  • Wherever you catch the train, RTA parking lots are free.
  • The rapid takes you to Tower City, from there the Waterfront line takes you to other downtown destinations.
  • An all day pass costs five bucks and buying a ticket is easy inside the transit stations at kiosks.
  • Passenger Pamela Stone said she prefers the train when working, shopping, dining downtown because she saves money on gas, saves time not sitting in traffic and avoids the Innerbelt detours.
  • RTA trains start everyday at 4am.
  • Rush hour trains are about 8 minutes apart, 15 to 20 minutes at other times.
  • There are extra trains and a third train car added for Cleveland Browns home games.
  • Get to the station of your choice early during home games because the trains get packed by 11 am.


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