Muni Lot filled up quick for tailgaters

Muni closed around 9:30 am

CLEVELAND - Some fans were disappointed if they got up late and planned on tailgating at the Browns game.

The municipal lot near the stadium filled up quick. It opened at 7a.m. Sunday and was closed by 9:30 a.m.

"We left at 7 and got here at 9, " said Julie Cocharn, who came with a group of her friends.

She said they didn't have tickets, but it was about the experience and fun of the first Browns home game.

"[We just] wanted to tailgate and have fun with everybody here," she said.

I asked if she felt bad about being among the partiers with no tickets taking away the experience from those going to the game, but couldn't get into the lot.

"Why would I feel guilty," she said. Others expressed the same thing. "First come first serve," said John Compton of Brunskwick. "You got people going crazy..the fans are nuts," he continued.

Some fans said they got their around 5 a.m. to make sure they had a spot for the tailgating fun.

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