New Playhouse Square sign installed overnight for $16 million transformation

CLEVELAND - A new Playhouse Square sign was installed early Wednesday morning as part of a $16 million transformation of Playhouse Square.

The sign hangs where the last Playhouse Square Center sign hung and looks very similar to the famous Chicago Theatre sign.

The retro sign will be a 1920s-era "stick built sign" that will be placed above the Cowell & Hubbard building at Euclid Avenue and East 13th Street, overlooking Star Plaza.

The highlight of the project is the 20-foot-tall "chandelier spectacular, which will be an LED chandelier with 4,600 crystals that hangs over Euclid Avenue at East 14th Street. Its design fits the style of chandeliers found in theater lobbies in the district.

"This is the jaw-dropper," said Chief Creatologist Danny Barnycz. "This is what people will feel compelled to come and see, to photograph. We envision this becoming a true Cleveland landmark."

Read more here about the plans.

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