Officers describe day of helping with kidnapping rescue as 'emotional'; will be honored Wed. night

CLEVELAND - Police officers involved in the rescue of three kidnapped women will be honored at a police union meeting Wednesday night. And we're getting a better idea of just how emotional it was the night the three Cleveland women, missing for ten years were found.

Officers call the day the women were rescued, "emotional," because a lot of the officers have been working these cases since the women went missing.

Police and the FBI talked about what happened last Monday at a community meeting Tuesday night. The commander of the Second District said the police are people too and when they realized what they had come upon, it was very emotional, especially for the first officers at the scene.

"After Espada goes in that house and he knows who those girls are and Michelle grabs him and hugs him and he says 'who else is here' and he says ‘Gina DeJesus', he just went through one-bomb shell after another," said Police Commander Keith Sulzer. "He put her down and she immediately grabbed a hold of Barb Johnson, the other officer on scene, and Barb said she squeezed her so tight she couldn't breathe."

Ariel Castro, the suspect in the kidnappings, remains in the Cuyahoga County Jail on $8 million bail.

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