Oscars 2013: Dress shop offers red carpet fashion look for less

David's Bridal provides look-alike fashion

LYNDHURST, Ohio - Watch the Oscar ceremonies and want to dress like the stars?  A local store was watching too and they've assembled a variety of dresses and accessories that will make you look like you just stepped off of the Red Carpet.

Nichole Welch, manager of David's Bridal, in Lyndhurst, says many of her customers pay attention to what celebrities wear. 

"I would say on a daily basis we have customers coming in with pictures, with things they found online, things that the stars are wearing."

She said the Hollywood festivities are a perfect place to showcase the latest designs.

"Designers need to launch their styles," said Welch, "and what better place to do it than a platform that all of America is watching."

Welch showed NewsChannel5 several gowns they carry and described the similarities they have with those worn by the stars on Oscar night, but are available at a fraction of the cost. 

Check out the gowns that will let you dress like a movie star by clicking on the video links.

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