Shaker Heights family has 'Draft Day' scenes filmed at their home

Crew filmed for three days

SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio - While many Clevelanders were spending time at locations around town to watch the filming of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" and "Draft Day" trying to get a glimpse of their favorite actor or actress, all Jim Brady and his family had to do was relax at their Shaker Heights home while the stars came to them.

"About late February a gentleman showed up at our house, Tim, and asked if we would be interested in filming a movie at our house."

The movie, Brady was told, was about the Cleveland Browns. The working title was "Draft Day" and would be starring Kevin Costner. The Bradys agreed and just last week the filming began. But not before some changes.

"They came in and they completely changed the inside of our house. They changed the furniture around, they put lots of new pictures of people we didn't know inside the house. They changed my office into a bedroom. They put in a really nice 55-inch flat screen television. It was really weird walking around your house when you've got these pictures of people you don't really know."

Brady and family were able to spend time with the cast and crew and gained a greater appreciation for what it takes to produce a major motion picture.

To hear more about Brady's experience as Hollywood came to his quiet street in Shaker Heights, click on the video.




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