Sister of 1994 Cleveland murder victim Pamela Pemberton hopes for answers as case revisited

CLEVELAND - The sister of a 1994 murder victim is speaking out for the first time since the 20-year-old murder case was reopened. 

Sheila Pemberton's sister, Pamela, was killed and left naked in Tremont, near West 11th Street and Clark Avenue. She was killed not long before Christina Adkins, an 18-year-old who was five months pregnant, disappeared from the same area.

The FBI recently contacted Sheila Pemberton, letting her know they were taking a second look at her sister's murder.

"They said they had a case going on and there might have been a mention of my sister's name by someone," Sheila Pemberton said from her home on Cleveland's west side.

No further details were mentioned, but she said they did stress one thing to her. 

"The FBI agent told me to not get my hopes up at all," she said.

The news has brought back a lot of memories for Sheila Pemberton. She said police told her they believe whoever killed her sister knew her.

"(The killer) left her driver's license with her when she was found," she continued.

The weekend before she was killed, Shelia and Pamerla Pemberton were shopping for presents for her mother and niece.  Sadly, Pamela's body was found on their mother's birthday.

Sheila Pemberton said now that the case has been reopened, she thinks of her mother.

"My mother has passed. She never really got to think that there was a possibility that we could get closure."

For Shelia Pemberton, the ultimate closure would be confronting her sister's killer.

"I would like to ask him why he did this? Why he killed her?"

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