Some Cleveland City Council members voice support for police chief after deadly chase

CLEVELAND - A resolution was introduced in Cleveland City Council on Monday supporting the way Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath is handing the controversial chase and shooting investigation.

While the resolution does not name McGrath directly, it states: "That this Council supports neutrality as the correct position of the City's leaders and affirming the necessity to impartially review the facts and circumstances of the events of November 29, 2012."

"I support him," Councilman Zack Reed said, "but I also support the system that he has set up that says that we want an unbiased system and that's what this resolution speaks to."

Council may not vote on the resolution until sometime in March.  It's headed to the safety committee first, where Chairman Kevin Conwell is also voicing his support for McGrath.

"We have to stick with Chief McGrath," he said. "We have to stick with (Safety Director) Marty Flask. We have to stick with Mayor Frank Jackson, because the only thing they want to do is find out the truth and then if we need to change some of the system, then we will do that."

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