St. Patrick's Day parade marches through downtown Cleveland despite cooler weather

WATCH part of the parade below

CLEVELAND - For the 146th time, the St. Patrick's Day parade marched through downtown Cleveland to celebrate the day.

Despite cooler than usual temperatures, thousands of people turned out to watch the parade.

Cleveland safety officials reported there were some disturbances at Tower City, with one person being taken by EMS to a nearby hospital. Authorities said kids in Tower City were running through knocking over people and tables.

Other than that, the parade and festivities went on without a hitch, authorities said.

Cleveland police ask RTA riders to be patient while waiting for the Green and Blue lines, noting RTA is doing a "great job" managing tens of thousands for the day's festivities.

People also celebrated with another St. Patrick's Day tradition: corned beef.

A rather large crowd showed up at Slyman's, a restaurant used to seeing people lined up outside the door for their delicious sandwiches and more.


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