Stabbed man disovered by NewsChannel5 news crew

CLEVELAND - A NewsChannel5 news crew along with another local news crew alerted police to a man that had been stabbed after they witnessed him running down a sidewalk on Harvard Avenue bleeding.

NewsChannel5 Photojournalist Mike Vielhaber had just left the scene of a double shooting at East 71st and Harvard Avenue when he saw the man covered in blood running towards the shooting scene around East 67th and Harvard Avenue.

Vielhaber returned to the shooting scene along with another local news crew to alert police about the stabbed man, by that time the stabbed man was across the street from the shooting scene in a bank parking lot.

Officers were able to get the man to lie down in the parking lot and call for EMS.

Cleveland EMS tells NewsChannel5 that the man was stabbed in the hand and transported to MetroHealth Medical Center in stable condition.

The two incidents were not related

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