Superstorm Sandy clean-up and repairs continue at northeast Ohio marinas

New docks installed at Whiskey Island Marina

CLEVELAND - Even though it has been nearly seven months since Superstorm Sandy rolled through northeast Ohio, clean-up and repairs at area marinas continued Monday.

All the boat docks at Whiskey Island Marina in Cleveland had to be removed as a result of damage caused by the storm.

More than half of the docks at Whiskey Island have been replaced. The new docks are stronger and have a concrete decking that will be more stable during high winds and storms.

Whiskey Island Marina general manager Tom Lawson normally opens the marina for boaters May 1. The aftermath of Superstorm Sandy changed all that.

"The progress is coming along a little slower than we'd like but we're trying to get a partial opening, hopefully best case scenario this weekend, so we can get some of the boats in as we continue to get the rest of the docks installed," said Lawson.

Workers were also busy Monday at Hot Waters boat launch in Lorain repairing docks that were pushed out of alignment by Sandy's strong winds.

Bumper material on the docks will be replaced to prevent boats from being scratched.

"We're looking into the possibility of putting in some pilings and poles down at the end of the docks so that that would go down far into the ground and connect to the docks with some sort of floating buckle so that this wouldn't happen again," said Lorain public property manager Hal Kendrick.

Scott Reynolds, owner of Hot Waters Bait & Tackle, received many calls from local and out-of-town boaters asking if the boat ramps were open.

Scott was thrilled to be able to pass along the good news that the Hot Waters boat ramps were open again.

"The docks look nice once again and a lot of people will be excited about that," said Reynolds.

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