Women on Cleveland's east side on edge after three women killed near East 93rd Street

CLEVELAND - Women who live on Cleveland's east side are expressing their fear about a rash of violence against women that's been happening in their own backyard.

"It really is scary," said Traci Campbell, a woman who lives near East 93rd Street, two blocks from where the body of Ashley Leszyeski was found last month. "It's terrible."

Campbell was one of five women we spoke to on Tuesday about the incidents. All of them said they're frightened that a killer is still on the loose.

"You don't know who's doing it. You just don't know anything and it just keeps continuing to happen," Campbell said.

Prior to Leszyeski, the bodies of Jazmine Trotter and Christine Malone were discovered just off East 93rd Street in March. On Monday night, Cleveland police released the sketch of a man they say tried to abduct a woman and take her to the East 93rd area.

"I have mace, I have a stun gun," Campbell said.

They're weapons that Campbell didn't carry before the violence ramped up. She also used to take the bus or visit the park with her two kids. Now, she said she doesn't go outside alone anymore and drives everywhere.

"If I work late and come home, it's a nervous feeling," she said. "I don't go out because you just don't know."

Campbell said she's so nervous that family escorts her every time she goes to and from her car in the driveway.

"At night, you can hear domestic violence going on," she said referencing the screams and arguments she hears near her house.

 "It's getting worse and worse. It's not getting better."

Campbell said she plans to move to the city's west side in the next few months.

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