Airline industry prioritizes passenger safety | 5 On Your Side Survival Guide

CLEVELAND - One of the busiest travel seasons of the year is just a few weeks away. Nearly 25 million people are expected to fly the friendly skies between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Probably the last thing on the minds of holiday travelers is safety.

Getting the family packed and to the airport is stressful enough, not to mention getting holiday gifts wrapped and checked at the airport. But safety should be the first priority when planning holiday air travel - not an afterthought.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, nearly 95 percent of all airline passengers will survive airline crashes. Only one in 1.2 million flights will end in a crash. Most of those crashes will happen in the first three minutes after takeoff or in the final eight minutes before landing.

The airline industry has taken great strides to protect passengers in emergency situations.

"Riding on a commercial airplane has got about the same amount of risk as riding an escalator," explained MIT aviation expert John Hansman.

We have a dramatic story for you coming up tonight on NewsChannel5 at 11. Chris Flanagan goes inside a burning plane to show you what the aviation industry is doing to protect passengers in emergency situations. Plus, how you can improve your chances of surviving an airline crash. 

We're on your side explaining techniques so you and your family would be able to make a safe escape. It's all part of our "5 On Your Survival Guide" reports, airing every night this week on NewsChannel5 at 11.

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