Jimmy Dimora gets visit by wife, daughter in Cuyahoga County Jail

Grand jury investigation into Dimora continues

Cleveland - Jimmy Dimora was visited by his wife and daughter Friday morning at the Cuyahoga County Jail, where he is being held while a grand jury investigates his role in another alleged bribery scheme.

Lori Dimora arrived at the jail for a scheduled visitation shortly after 9 a.m. accompanied by the couple's daughter.

After registering with jail officials, she was instructed to empty her pockets and place all valuables in a locked safe on the ground floor as part of standard jail visitation procedures.

The two were then escorted by jail personnel to a visitation room where they were permitted to speak with Dimora through a glass partition.

Both left the jail 40 minutes later without comment.

Dimora is being held in connection with an ongoing grand jury probe into alleged bribes connected to the sale of the former AmeriTrust Building to the county while Dimora was a county commissioner.

He was transferred from a federal prison in West Virginia  where he is serving a 28 year prison sentence on corruption charges.

Dimora has been held in custody at the Cuyahoga County jail since August 21.

Former Cuyahoga County Auditor Frank Russo was also returned to Cuyahoga county earlier this month from a federal prison in Pennsylvania for similar questioning by the grand jury.

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