Mayfield Heights Mayor Greg Costabile faces misdemeanor charges over ethics violations

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio - Mayfield Heights mayor Greg Costabile faces two misdemeanor charges over accusations he made false statements on financial disclosure forms to the state's ethics commission.

The Ohio Ethics Commission filed a criminal complaint again Costabile in Franklin County Municipal Court Friday morning.

Mayfield Heights Law Director Leonard Carr said the mayor failed to disclose the amount of money he received from two companies doing business with the city of Mayfield Heights.

NewsChannel5 investigators have obtained ethics reports related to the investigation. The two reports show Costabile did not record the amount of money he has received from a gas well lease with Seagull Development Corporation.

Carr also said Costabile failed to report how much he received from a developer who bought land located behind his home.

Costabile announced Jan. 16 that he will step down from office Feb. 1.

Costabile said he will now spend more time with his family and on his law practice. Mayfield Heights City Council President Anthony DiCicco will fill the unexpired term.

"As rewarding as my service to the city of Mayfield Heights has been, it is time that I refocus my time and energies on other aspects of my life," Costabile said in a news release. "This has been a very difficult decision. My children and growing up quickly and I do not wish to miss out on opportunities with them and my wife that I will not be able to replace."

Costabile has been the mayor and safety director for seven years.

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