Prosposed settlement deal in Haslam class action suit falling apart as truckers reject deal

91 "entities" opt out of settlement

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. - A proposed settlement deal in a class action lawsuit filed by truckers against Browns owner Jimmy Haslam and his company is falling apart.

91 "entities" representing  trucking companies have "opted out" of the proposed settlement that awaits final approval by a federal judge in Arkansas.

At a hearing in Knox County Circuit Court Friday, Pilot Flying J attorney Albert Harb said the companies have informed both Pilot Flying J and the court that they do not wish to be part of the proposed settlement.

Harb said 91 entities represents the total number of representatives of trucking companies that have "opted out" of the settlement  in notifications sent to the court but that 14 letters are related to the same trucking companies.

Mark Tate, an attorney representing several trucking companies that have "opted out" of the settlement said "truckers are realizing they would rather rely on their lawsuits than trust a contrived settlement drawn up by Haslam and Pilot Flying J ".

It's believed at least 8 trucking companies will continue to take part in the settlement that offers trucking companies 100 percent of fuel rebates that were shorted as well as 6 percent interest.

Harb also  told a Knoxville judge today that the deal has also attracted several customers who had previously sued Pilot Flying J.

Companies had until Oct. 15 to "opt out" of settlement and pursue their own legal fights.

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