Security in Ohio schools growing more sophisticated with high resolution cameras

More cameras being installed

CUYAHOGA HEIGHTS, Ohio - Security in Ohio schools is growing more sophisticated as districts across the state turn to high resolution security cameras to safeguard students.

Whether to protect against "active shooters" or other emergencies such as fire or medical emergencies, new security systems are giving school administrators, law enforcement and rescue teams an "inside look" into schools before even arriving on scene.

Cuyahoga Heights schools operate one of the most sophisticated systems in the state.

From the cafeteria to the front door, every hallway in the school is monitored by high resolution security cameras.

The systems provides a full view inside the school including the gym, library, cafeteria and main office.

Some 70 cameras can be monitored from administrators desk tops and even by local law enforcement miles away.

School Superintendent Dr. Edwin S. Holland said he can even check on school hallways from his laptop at home in the middle of the night.

"It's important everyone holds student security and the security of our staff and campus as a priority," said Holland.

Sophisticated systems can often exceed $25,000, but more and more schools are turning to security cameras as another layer of security.

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