Danita's Dish: Guilty pleasures and the joy in choosing 'You'

My life is painted with voices that say do, do, do and give, give, give. This births a need to be selfish, at times, to preserve my own sanity.

So when it's time for me, me, me, here comes my guilty pleasure. Dark chocolate covered almonds are my intimate escape to a tasty ecstasy that satisfies my palate and spirit. Chocolate gives me energy and I love the flavor of almonds.

I don't delve into this realm frequently, but when I do it gives me a sense of naughty serenity. For as much as my mouth loves chocolate, my hips do not. So, I weigh the pros and cons and in the end I choose me.

What is revealed to me as a result of this experience, is that I feel more pleasure than guilt. Investing a few more minutes on the treadmill will handle the extra pounds.  But the investment in me, yields a greater return.

Take time today and do something that illustrates you made a very wise choice when you decided to choose you.

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