Woman of Power Networking conference is all about you

You First:Taking Care of Business

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio - Most women lead very busy lives. Whether it's taking care of home, holding down a job, or doing both simultaneously, it's difficult to squeeze in time just for you.

Well, here's an event that's all about helping you to be an effective player in this game of life. The Woman of Power conference is designed to embrace the complete woman. The three point focus is networking, education, and wellness.

If you feel like you've been going in ten different directions and your physical and mental gas tank is on empty, this event will recharge and reconnect you to the things that help you be a better person. 

The conference is presented by Rising Media, LLC and it's founder Raquel Eatmon believes in empowering women who are on the move. Women in various fields from business experts, and  entrepreneurs, to the health, media and legal fields, will converge on Executive Caterers-Landerhaven ready to move forward.

I am happy to be a part of something that I know will transform lives and help build authentic relationships.

Panel discussions, workshops, exhibits and a dynamic keynote address by Dr. Linda Bradley, MD of the Cleveland Clinic will be on the day's agenda. Again, it's all about choosing you first and taking care of business.

The stage has been set and now it's up to you to come and connect with women who are genuinely supportive of each other.

Woman of Power. Networking. Education. Wellness. Thursday November 7, 2013 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Executive Caterers 6111 Landerhaven. Mayfield Heights, OH 44118. 

For more details on registration, go to http://on.wews.com/1b6O5Ez

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