Northeast Ohio fishing report: Panfish, bass, walleye, catfish consistent

Good fishing opportunities around the region

CLEVELAND - The Walleye bite remains steady on Lake Erie, and has picked up on some inland lakes. And, we are now heading into the heart of the summer Panfish, Bass, and Catfish season. Let's take a look at what's biting around northern Ohio:

Lake Erie

Out west, good catches of Walleye are being reported by the Port Clinton head boat fleet.  Chester at Shore-Nuf Charters at the Drawbridge Marina tells us nightcrawler harnesses in green and white and green and hammered gold have been taking fish.  The folks at Fisherman's Wharf in Port Clinton say the Walleye fishing has held steady, even through the mayfly hatch.  Pink has been producing for them.

Trollers working the deep edges of the Western Basin reefs have been catching good numbers of fish on harnesses and spoons. 

Heading east, Craig Lewis at Erie Outfitters reports the Walleye bite is good, with catches of big fish coming from Rocky River west to Vermilion.  Purple and pink are the preferred colors.  The Walleye are in 45 to 50 feet of water.  Yellow Perch are cooperating, too.  Good catches are being made on Emerald Shiners from Sheffield west to Lorain.

Shine's tells us the Walleye action remains consistently good off of Cleveland.  Fish are being taken in 42 feet of water in front of East 72nd Street, and from 52 feet of water by the dumping ground. White is the go-to color for Walleye.  Yellow Perch are hitting minnows in front of First Energy Stadium in 38 feet of water. Good Perch catches are also being made 38 feet of water off of Bratenahl. 

Over at Wildwood Marina, the Linda Mae has been catching Yellow Perch off of Euclid in 18 to 40 feet of water.  Emerald shiners are the preferred bait.  Captain Vitas also tells us Walleye are taking spoons in Jager Bomb and Watermelon patterns in 45 to 68 feet of water.

Don at Harbor Bait reports good catches of Walleye are coming off of Fairport Harbor in 35 to 42 feet of water.  Pinks and purples are working best. Harnesses and spoons are producing.  Good catches of Yellow Perch are being made in 40 feet of water.

Heading out to Fairport Harbor, Don at Harbor Bait says Walleye are cooperating from Mentor  to Ashtabula in 54 feet of water.  Stinger spoons are the preferred lure. 

One of our readers, Chris from Perry in Lake County says the mayflies are thick in his area.  Walleye are being taken in 45 to 68 feet of water from Perry to Geneva.  Perch fishing has been good with fish being caught in 55 feet of water. Good catches of White Bass have also been made.

Portage Lakes

Ron Slater at Portage Lakes Bait and Tackle tells us the Largemouth Bass are on fire at the this chain of lakes south of Akron.  Ron says to go with four to six inch plastic worms near shoreline structure and weed beds.  Dawn and dusk are the best times. He suggests fishing East Reservoir and Turkeyfoot Lake for Bass. 

Crappies have also stayed active, with good numbers of fish taken deep.  They're suspended, but once you find them, they're taking minnows in 10 to 15 feet of water.  Bluegills remain on the nests.  Bigger Bluegills are four to eight feet of water near nesting areas. Maggots and waxworms are the best baits.

Jerry at Long Lake Bait says the Channel Catfish bite is on.  Chicken livers, nightcrawlers, and Nitro crawlers are taking good-sized cats.  Long Lake, North Reservoir, Turkeyfoot Lake, and Rex Lake are good Catfish producers.

Nimisila Reservoir

Good catches of Sunfish are being made around this Reservoir in the City of Green.  Nesting fish are on sand bottoms and flats. They can also be caught off the islands on the south end of the lake.

Channel Cats are readily taking chicken livers and cutbait. 

Largemouth Bass have been good. They're taking plastics and cranks. Early morning and dusk have been the best fishing times.

A number of Walleye have been taken recently by Bass Fishermen.

West Branch

 The Walleye bite is good at this lake near Ravenna.  The folks at Ron's Bait and Tackle say Walleyes are taking nightcrawler harnesses and jigs tipped with crawlers along drop offs and near weed beds.

They also tell us Largemouth Bass are hitting well.   Soft plastics, cranks, and spinnerbaits fished near structure and along weed beds will produce. 

Good catches of Channel Catfish are being made on cutbait, nightcrawlers, and chicken livers.


The Walleye fishing has markedly improved at this impoundment west of Youngstown.  Better catches of good sized fish have been made in recent days.  Jigs tipped with nightcrawlers have produced fish near weed beds earlier in the day.  Flicker Shads trolled on lead core line have been taking fish deep. 

Excellent Catfish catches are being made.  They are hitting cutbait, nightcrawlers, and shiners.

Bass fishing has been inconsistent.

Good catches of Bluegills are being made off the beds.


Walleye are taken  by trollers pulling Shad Raps and Flicker Shads on lead core line.  The Mahoning River channel between the Lake Milton Causeway and the I-76 Bridge has been one of the productive areas.  Fish deep there. 

Largemouth and Smallmouth hitting  jigs, plastics, and crankbaits fished around structure.   The middle shallows south of the causeway have been producing.

White Bass are taking jigs tipped with nightcrawlers and minnows.

Mosquito Creek

Causeway Sporting goods tells us good catches of Crappies are being made off the causeway on minnows. 

The Walleye bite at Mosquito remains consistent. Fish are being taken off the weed beds on the south side.  Jigs and nightcrawlers, as well as harnesses drifted or trolled will produce.

Channel Catfish and Flathead Catfish are hitting. Go with chicken livers and nightcrawlers for the Channels, live bluegills or shiners for the Flatheads.

Kathy at the Mosquito Lake Marina says Largemouth Bass are being taken in the weeds and from structure.  Soft plastics and spinnerbaits will produce.

Good catches of big Bluegill are being made off the nests.

Charles Mill & Pleasant Hill                 

Wipers action remains the key at Charles Mill.  Dusty at Mifflin Lakes Trading Post says good catches  of the White Bass/Striped Bass hybrids are being made at this lake between Ashland and Mansfield.  Chicken livers fished under a bobber or on the bottom, or Twister Tails or Rooster Tails cast near deep structure are triggering hits.  

Channel Cats are biting, too.  Dough/stink baits, nightcrawlers, and chicken livers will catch fish.  Largemouth Bass have been good.  They're hitting floating worms and buzzbaits fished near structure.  Saugeye are taking minnows below the Charles Mill Dam early in the morning, and then again at dusk.

Just to the south, Saugeye are being caught by trollers at Pleasant Hill.  Nightcrawler harnesses and diving plugs fished near the beach are taking Saugeye. 

White bass are hitting minnows and diving plugs.


Walleyes are hitting jig and crawler combos fished along the weed beds.  Limit catches have been made in recent days.  Fish in water six feet deep.  Good catches of Crappies are also being made by Walleye anglers.  Fish have been taken on both the north and south ends.

Chippewa Lake

Decent catches of Panfish are being made  at this Medina County Lake. Bob Nemeth at Chippewa Lake Bait and Tackle says Bass are hitting, too.  Crankbaits and spinner baits are producing best. 

Catfish are cooperating. Nightcrawlers and chicken livers are the preferred baits. One note: This lake gets a lot of pleasure boating traffic, so your best bet is to fish it early.

Cleveland Metro Parks

Most of the Metro Parks lakes are producing decent Panfish catches. The Rocky River is also providing fair catches of Smallmouth Bass. Fishing crawfish imitations near structure will take fish.

Ohio River

Some big Channel Cats and Flathead Cats are being taken below the New Cumberland Dam in Columbiana County.  Cut herring, chicken livers, and garlic shrimp are producing fish.  Sauger are also hitting.  Twister tails, jigging spoons, and live bait fished near the bottom are also taking fish. 


Big Bluegills remain on the nest and active at this Portage County Reservoir.  The folks at Mogadore Bait and Tackle say fish range in size from seven inches to 10 inches.  Four to five feet of water just off the edge of the nesting areas on the north end and near Lansinger Road has been producing.

Largemouth Bass are being taken on soft plastics and diving plugs.  Fish shallow earlier in the day.  Bass action picks back up at dusk.

Some big Channel Cats are being caught on cutbait.


Tappan Lake Marina reports the Saugeye bite has been on again, off again.  Nightcrawlers trolled or drifted near the sunken road bed near the marina have produced some fish.

Good catches of Largemouth Bass are being made around structure and off of deep points.  Jigs, soft plastics, diving cranks, and spinner baits are producing.

Channel Cats and Flatheads are being  caught in good numbers. Use cutbait or chicken livers for the Channels, live Shiners, Suckers, or Bluegills for the Flatheads. A 40-pound Flathead was caught over the weekend.

Tuscarawas River

Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike are being caught in the stretch near Bolivar.  That's the word from NTR Canoe Livery. There are also reports of Smallmouth and Northerns being caught  from Canal Fulton. south to Massillon.  Crankbaits and jigs are catching both species. The Lake Lucerne outflow just north of Canal Fulton has been producing Sunfish and the occasional Northern. The Tuscarawas above Long Lake through the Firestone Metro Park is also producing good catches of Panfish and Yellow Perch.

Cuyahoga River

The Cuyahoga above Cuyahoga Falls is providing good action for Bass and Northern Pike.  Spinner baits, spoons, and crankbaits will catch fish.   

Good Catch!

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This report will be updated through the week to reflect the most recent fishing conditions.

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