Ashland community stunned by mother, daughter captivity case

ASHLAND, Ohio - A community is in shock after discovering that neighbors held a mother and young child captive for two years.

According to the United States Department of Justice and FBI, three suspects were arrested Tuesday and officials are currently searching for a fourth member in connection with the captivity.

Jordie Callahan, 26, his fiancee Jessica Hunt, 31, and Daniel J. Brown, 33, were all charged with forced labor. Callahan was also charged with tampering with a witness. The group lived together in the home with Hunt's four young children.

The group is accused of holding a mother and her 5-year-old daughter captive in their West Main Street apartment in Ashland, Ohio, since 2011.

The mother and daughter were beaten and threatened with large snakes, reptiles and pit bulls. The suspects reportedly made the mom beat her own daughter, videotaped the incident to be used against the mom in case she tried to escape.

The FBI launched their investigation back in May.

The three suspects appeared in Federal Court Tuesday afternoon for their initial appearance and are expected back in court on June 24.

Word of the captivity case spread like wildfire throughout Ohio. Neighbors in Ashland flocked to the scene late Tuesday evening to get a glimpse of yet another case of a woman being held against her will.

Dave Toney's daughter rented part of the same house and actually gave the mother a ride once.

"She didn't say anything, didn't act any different, I mean, she does got a little different personality, but you would have thought this was going on," said Dave Toney.

Sherry Black also used to live in the home where the crimes occurred. Her first thought was of the three women found alive last month in Cleveland.

"It's just shocking that two things so horrible could happen so closely together in such a short period of time and it's frightening for our little town. I mean, I used to live in Cleveland and I though I was safe here and then we have the same things going on here" said Black.

NewsChannel5 spoke with a relative of one of the suspects who disputed the allegations. The victim's mother said her daughter and granddaughter are doing well.

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