VIDEO: Alleged victim of forced labor in Ashland beating child; Prosecutors say woman was forced

ASHLAND, Ohio - Video from the Ashland County Prosecutor's Office shows the alleged victim in a modern-day slavery case beating her child.

Federal agents arrested four people this week on charges of forced labor. Investigators said they held a mentally disabled woman and her daughter captive for two years and forced them to perform manual labor.

Police said the woman's captors gave them the video when they went to investigate her claims that she was being held against her will. The victim made the allegations after being arrested for shoplifting a candy bar last year.

[Warning: Some viewers may find the video disturbing. Mobile users can watch the video here:]

Federal agents said the woman was forced to hit her daughter while being recorded on a cellphone so her captors could use it as leverage.

Jordie L. Callahan, 26, Jessica Hunt, 31, Daniel Brown, 33, and Dezerah Silsby, 21, are in custody for the crime.

The four are also accused of starving the mother and daughter, and threatening them with snakes. Callahan, Hunt and Hunt's four sons lived in a two-bedroom apartment in Ashland along with the two victims and several animals.

An attorney for one of the suspects said the allegations are not true and that the woman was a roommate, who was free to come and go.

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