Man suffers burns during Geneva house explosion; Fire chief can't believe anyone got out

GENEVA, Ohio - Cars drove down Cedar Road to see the aftermath of a house explosion that was so loud it woke up the Geneva neighborhood Wednesday morning.

With daylight, the damage was much more visible.

"It's absolutely devastating and it could've been much, much, much worse. But you can't help but know that was somebody definitely watching above, I believe that's God," said Tanya Holy, whose brother-in-law was inside the home along with his fiancé and Tanya's nephew.

The man remains hospitalized at Cleveland's MetroHealth Medical Center, but the other two were treated and released.

"He's being treated for his burn wounds. He got burn wounds to his face, hands, feet and lower back, but he's a strong guy and I know he'll come out of it strong," she said.

He was awakened by the smell of gas just before the explosion.

Crews fought feverishly to keep the fire from spreading to a next door home. Trees lining the side of the house blocked the blown-out kitchen wall from knocking out the house.

"It's hard to believe that so many people can come out of a structure like this, especially with the damage that occurred. Fortunately, three people did," said Geneva Fire Chief Tim Parks.

Fire officials said the house needs to be sealed up or knocked down as soon as possible.

"Vandalism, plus the safety. It's not safe to even be around. The walls are not secured at all," Parks said.

Dominion Gas Company was on the scene, but they haven't determined the cause of the explosion.

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