Some residents in Geneva had to evacuate their homes Saturday after flooding

GENEVA, Ohio - The City of Geneva has experienced some patches of flooding Saturday as severe weather continues to move through the area this weekend.

According to the Geneva Police Department, as of 3 p.m. the area near the intersection of Lake and Padanarum Roads is still closed due to flooding.

Flooding was also reported near the area of Barnum Road earlier in the morning, but the waters have since receded.

The most significant flooding has hit the area near Route 20 at the Deerfield Apartments where there was approximately 2 feet of water.

Tenants of the Deerfield Apartments on Route 20 in Geneva spent much of their day clean-up after early morning rains caused major flooding there.  The water seeped into walls and ruined everything from photos and important documents, to televisions and even vehicles.

Giving us a first-hand look at the damage, Carol Coffman said, "It's just hard having to throw all your stuff away that means so much to you ... it's just depressing, very depressing. "

For Coffman, things are even more difficult.  Not only did her basement, located right next to the Deerfield Apartments, flood, but her daughter, who lives at home, has asthma and will now have to stay elsewhere.  On top of that, Coffman's own mother lives in the Deerfield Apartments and was also displaced by the flood waters. 

Both Coffman and her mother lost items from the water damage.  Her mother, she told us, lost almost all of her belongings and a power scooter she depends on to get around.

The Red Cross is assisting those tenants displaced.  A Red Cross member said 14 apartments received damage and are now inhabitable until the apartments undergo inspection.

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