20 East Cleveland police officers, dispatchers get layoff notices

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio - Layoff notices went out to 10 East Cleveland police officers and 10 dispatchers on Wednesday, the mayor's office said.

Mayor Gary Norton said the East Cleveland City Council's decision to cut the police department budget by 25 percent, of $1.2 million, resulted in the cuts. City council members, however, blame the mayor for blowing the city's budget, which has an estimated $8 million shortfall.

"Unless city council restores funding, East Cleveland will go from 14 officers on the street to 4 officers on the street, on a typical day," the mayor's office said in a news release on Wednesday. "The city council cuts will increase police response times to many calls, and eliminate police response to other calls."

Norton said the layoffs will have financial impacts across the city, like decreasing the amount of money coming in from traffic fines and court cases.

The mayor held a meeting on the budget cuts at the Helen S. Brown Senior Center in East Cleveland Wednesday evening.

In 2011, East Cleveland laid off 36 police officers.

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