Accused shoplifter complains of inconvenience after arrest; upset over confiscated bag

NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio - A woman who was arrested on shoplifting charges in North Olmsted last week was apparently in a hurry to get out to some other stores to get some more goods.

According to North Olmsted police, JC Penney store security stopped Erika Blackburn last Monday after she left a fitting room with a large pink Victoria Secrets paper shopping bag and her purse – both bulging full.

Store security said Blackburn apparently stuffed three men's suit jackets worth $120 each into the bags and then tried to leave the store without paying.

The security officer told police Blackburn "readily admitted" to the theft.

North Olmsted police then arrested Blackburn and took her to the station for processing. She was charged with petty theft and criminal tools.

While police were going through the paperwork, the officer said Blackburn asked why she wasn't just given a ticket for theft as other police departments had done in the past.

"Blackburn also felt that it was unnecessary for me to take her purse as a criminal tool as it could not then be used again later that afternoon for the same purpose," said the officer in the report. "Blackbum stated that she would just shoplift in Lorain County where she would not be so delayed if and when she was caught."

Blackburn is scheduled to appear in Rocky River Municipal Court on March 19.

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