Logan's Heroes: An idea from the hearts of two little boys to help a friend fighting cancer

NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio - Logan Massey, 9, is a straight "A" student. He loves the Cleveland Indians and the color green. And it is clear that there are many people who love Logan.

Logan was diagnosed with brain cancer in May and that's when two of his best buddies decided to help. Sam Gioia and Jacob Tepper decided to have a fundraiser.

"We wanted to make a fundraiser to buy him toys during his chemo," said Tepper.

The two 9-year-old boys had no idea that the bake sale they had planned would grow into a huge fundraiser at the gazebo at North Olmsted Park on Sunday.

"It's not fair that Logan suffers through something so big when he is a little kid. I wanted to help," said Gioia.

Seventy-five kids turned out to help. There was a spread of sweets, a bike wash, nail painting, face painting and more.

The two little boys wanted to raise $50.

They helped raise $4,600.00.

Logan's sister, Amira was at the event on Sunday and thankful for the support.

"I love him very much he's like a best friend, not a brother," said Amira Massey.

Another fundraiser is planned for August 18 at Journey Community Church in Fairview Park.

For more information and how to donate, click here: http://on.wews.com/12CPs7R

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