Ariel Castro's son, Anthony, says he didn't post his father's musical instruments on Craigslist


A Craigslist advertisement has been removed claiming to have instruments taken from the home of Ariel Castro.

The items were posted on Aug 7 around 8:30 p.m. and later flagged and removed by site administrators.

The post claimed to have electric and bass guitars taken from the home of Cleveland's notorious captor Ariel Castro.

The day before Castro's home was demolished, family members and Castro's attorney were seen on site removing items including instruments and other personal items from the home.

NewsChannel5 contacted Castro's son Anthony Castro regarding the items online, who stated "I didn't post anything. There is nothing for sale. There will not be anything for sale."

Castro's home was demolished on Wednesday with funds found inside of the house.

Family members were permitted to collect photos, clothing and other personal items prior to Wednesday's demolition.

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