Attorneys for Frank Dienes say he'll be cleared in Mihaljevic case again

CLEVELAND - Frank Dienes's attorneys said they have been contacted by Bay Village police who are looking at Dienes in connection with the Amy Mihajlevic case.

Police first questioned him about Amy in 1995.

"We have certainly been contacted, there's a buzz about whether there's a connection, but nothing has changed in the many years since that tragedy." said Ian Friedman attorney, for Dienes.

"We expect the Bay Village police will look at it again, and will find that Mr. Dienes is no longer a suspect again,” Friedman said.

"They never said why specifically they ruled him out years ago, but it was clear they ruled him out because he was never charged." said Eric Nemec, who is also representing Dienes.

Several neighbors say Joe Kopp, whose body was found in Dienes's Seven Hills yard, told them for years in the 1990s that Dienes killed Mihajlevic. Dienes's attorneys call those claims rumors.

Dienes and Kopp were neighbors 21 years ago in Seven Hills.

"There was a relationship that went back quite sometime and to what extent that relationship was and exactly what it was is something that I do think will be an issue at trial," Friedman said. Dienes's attorneys wouldn't say what happened between Kopp and Dienes, but say they'll prove it wasn't aggravated murder.

A neighbor of Dienes said his wife told her Frank was protecting himself against Kopp who was living with the couple on Oakwood Drive before his body was found by police in April.

"She had mentioned to me that if I talk to any of the neighbors that what happened was self defense," the neighbor told NewsChannel5.

Dienes is charged with aggravated murder in the Kopp case and has never been charged in the Mihajlevic case. Bay Village police said they are looking at Dienes for any possible connection with Amy’s murder in 1989.

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