Bedford High School officials ask prom-goers to dress respectfully

BEDFORD, Ohio - As prom season approaches, many high school seniors and juniors have been searching for the perfect dress. But some schools are enforcing dress codes to make sure no one's wearing anything too revealing.

Bedford High School senior Amber Mishler is excited about her dress. She hopes seniors will get to wear what they want within reason.

"I feel like it's our senior year and it's our last dance together and the last time we're all together, except for graduation," she said.

"It's prom and you should look elegant and your best," said senior Zarria Neal. "You shouldn't look how you would look if you're going to the club, because it's not a club."

Jayla Palmer believes many of the girls who choose very revealing dresses are seeking attention.

"It's mainly for attention, insecurities, stuff like that and they feel like they need to show skin to get attention. But if you're beautiful, you shouldn't have to show skin to get attention."

Red Carpet Boutique owner Darlene James said so far girls are looking for sexy and sophisticated dresses.

"They know before they try on the dress and they'll say, ‘This has too much cut out,' ‘It's showing too much back' and they don't buy the dress," he explained. "A lot of the moms come in with them. Sometimes the moms have to approve of the dresses before the girls will buy the dresses."

Bedford High School Principal Samuel Vawters said students should keep the school dress code in mind when choosing a dress -- so nothing too revealing or too tight.

"It's a matter of respect for themselves. How do you respect yourself, especially for my young ladies, how do you respect your body," he said. "Beauty is from within. You don't have to reveal your body to be beautiful."

"When you look back on prom, you want to be proud of yourself and say, ‘Wow, I did look beautiful.' And not your kids looking at you and saying, ‘Oh my goodness mom, you wore that on prom night?'" said Vawters.

Bedford High School's prom night is May 17.

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