Brooklyn students, staff gather to inform residents about upcoming levy

Door tags hung on every Brooklyn home

BROOKLYN, Ohio - Rain and cold did not stop Brooklyn students, staff and community members from gathering Saturday morning to get the word out to residents about the school levy on the May 7 ballot.

Issue 13 is a 9.2 mil levy that will be used for operating funds and a building project.

Volunteers hit the streets to hang Issue 13 door tags on every home in Brooklyn, hoping to help residents understand what's at stake in their community.

"The turnout today was totally amazing," said Brooklyn City Schools superintendent Cynthia Walker. "We asked people to be here at 8:30 and at 8:30 I had enough people that every single household and every single street in Brooklyn would have somebody dropping off literature to them."

Brooklyn 11th grader Katie Causey was one of the students who showed up Saturday to pass out levy literature. Since she plays three sports, Katie is concerned what would happen if the levy fails in advance of her senior year.

"If there's no sports, half of my classes are athletes," said Causey. "If there's no sports, then they're going to be going to another school."

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