Charles Ramsey T-shirts: Orders build up as local screen printer gears up to help missing women

Local companies join forces to help three victims

CLEVELAND - Brett and Stephanie McNally showed off their balcony viewpoint of their west side company, 717INK. Screen printers worked feverishly below for local companies whose businesses thrive on Cleveland's love for local-themed tee shirts.

An idea came to chef and proprietor of Hodge's restaurant on Euclid Avenue, Chris Hodgson, that a T-shirt with their recently famous kitchen-worker Charles Ramsey's face would be a great way to pay tribute to Charles and help the missing women now freed.

"I wanted to do something in his honor and I talked with him, and I said, we can sell T-shirts because people want to start a fund for you. What do you want to do? He said, I just want the girls to be taken care of and for us to make some money for them," said Hodgson.

Lakewood's On Point Productions was contacted by Chris Hodgson to produce the T-shirts through their network of local companies. A design was agreed upon with Ramsey's likeness, approved by Charles Ramsey, and is now in a stage of readiness at 717INK until an exact amount of orders taken will go into production. So far, at least 1,600 orders have been accepted.

"Charles provided the image. It's from a designer that goes by the name OkPants. It's a designer that has helped Chris with his logo. He provided us with the image. We didn't have to add anything," said Joe Haddad, co-founder of On Point Promotions.

"There are two different ways of raising money. One is we added PayPal, a little donate now button so people can go on our On Point Promos website and just make a donation straight to the family. The second way is to buy a T-shirt to show your support and then most of the proceeds go to the families and that's all being run by The Cleveland Foundation," added Haddad.

Most of Hodge's patrons can't wait to get their own T-shirt as soon as they are printed. Charles Ramsey, or Chuck, as many of the restaurant customers and employees refer to him, is taking a break for a few days with Hodgson's blessing.

"I think everybody's doing a good job giving to the victims. Everybody is trying to rally. I think it's a great way to raise money for the victims and I'm sure their families," said Ashley Revis. "He's quite the character. He's always had a great personality. He's fun to be around."

For now, online T-shirt order and donation instructions can be found at:

On Point's number is 440-925-0408 during daytime business hours.

Click here for more information on the company's screen printing:

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