Cleveland Indians listen to fans, cut costs at concession stands to feed family for $30

Ballpark food cheaper at Indians games

CLEVELAND - The Cleveland Indians said it studied fan surveys and decided to give fans what they wanted, lower prices at the concession stand.

"We came up with a four, three, two, one initiative. Four dollars for all 12 ounce beers, $3 for hot dogs every game, $2 refills on the sodas, and we have 15 dollar dog nights," said Bob DiBiaso, VP of Public affairs for the Indians.

"I don't think you'll see these prices anywhere from a movie theater to any professional sporting venue."

If you do the math, for a family of four, two beers, four hot dogs, and two small sodas with two refills, add up to $30.

There's also a hot dog classic combo meal families can take advantage of at the ballpark. That package includes a hot dog, a large popcorn and a Pepsi product for $8.

The cost of big sellers like pretzels, pizza, and popcorn have also been lowered up to 25 percent.

The team said the feedback from fans showed cutting concession costs was big priority.

"We're not only committed to winning, we're committed to providing the best in sports entertainment," said DiBiaso.


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