Cleveland man accused of killing transgender woman, leaving body in pond writes to NewsChannel5

CLEVELAND - A Cleveland man accused of murdering a transgender woman and dumping the body in an Olmsted Township pond is speaking out to NewsChannel5 from behind bars.

Andrey L. Bridges, 36, of Cleveland, was charged in a six-count indictment including one count of aggravated murder, one count of murder, one count of felonious assault, one count of kidnapping, one count of tampering with evidence, and one count of gross abuse of a corpse.

The letter's authenticity was confirmed by a Cuyahoga County Sheriff Department employee who spoke with the suspect behind bars.

[Read the letter here and here ]

On Jan. 5, Bridges stabbed 20-year-old Carl Acoff, Jr., who went by the name Cemia Dove, multiple times resulting in the victim's death, police said. On April 17, police responded to 7166 McKenzie Rd. in Olmsted Township for a report of a body floating in a retention pond on the property. Bridges was arrested less than a month later.

In a letter mailed to NewsChannel5, Bridges pleads his case and innocence, asking for heightened media presence at court appearances so he gets a fair trial.

"It occurred to me that while having media attention, everything is done legally," Bridges wrote.

"I have done some things in my past that I am ashamed of…and I stand with my hand held asking for not only the attention of the world, but to have a fair and just case/trial."

He also states that he has a strong bond with his kids, friends and family and is "a God fearing man" and that he is "truly innocent."

Bridges is currently being held on a $5,000,000 bond. He is scheduled for a pre-trial hearing on Aug. 27.

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