Cleveland Marathon: Physical therapist, Boston Marathon winner offer last-minute preparations

CLEVELAND - With the Cleveland Marathon now just one day away, professionals at the I-X Center Friday were making sure to provide plenty of last minute tips they say, runners should begin to use Friday night.

The first: "Don't go to a party tonight and drink alcohol because that really just depletes your symptoms even more," said Heidi Schauss, a physical therapist working with the Cleveland Clinic. 

If you're at home reading this, good for you. But, that also means you're awake, when you may want to be sleeping.

"Because the night before the race you've got the jitters, you might not sleep well, you know all kinds of things could break down the day before the race and you don't really want to go into your race day unprepared," said Schauss speaking about sleep.

The professionals at Friday's Health and Fitness Expo had plenty of tips for those runners participating, especially for those "first timers."

"This is the time you really want to rest, stay off your feet, make sure you're hydrating and eating well over the next couple of days… I tend to not run the day before the race," coach Jenny Hadfield said.

"Don't wear anything that you haven't worn before. Don't eat anything that you haven't eaten before."

While some runners stress loading up on carbohydrate-rich pasta, Hadfield said to focus one another thing you can control.

"The number one thing we can control on race day is our pace and it also helps with the outcome of how you're going to finish on that race."

Eight-time marathon winner Bill Rodgers said it was the weather that caught him off guard.

"My first marathon I dropped out, that was Boston. I made it to the top of Heartbreak Hill, 21 miles, but it was a hot day, it was the New England winter to the New England spring – it went 40 degrees to 80 in like four days, your body can't adapt that quick."

Looking at the race on Sunday, Rodgers had a piece of advice.

"Well it's going to be a little bit warm here Sunday so I would recommend runners do their race at a much more moderate pace than maybe runners had planned to do."

Others mentioned simple, but very important tips like not forgetting to go to the bathroom.

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