Cleveland police, FBI search for body of missing teen Christina Adkins; No human remains found

CLEVELAND - Cleveland police and the FBI searched on the city's west side for the body of Christina Adkins on Friday.

According to the FBI, information has developed and Cleveland police, FBI and cadaver dogs are searching for her body at a home on Vega Avenue and West 25th Street.

The FBI wrapped up its search at about 5 p.m. Friday and said there are no plans to resume on Saturday. No human remains were found at the site, the FBI said.

The man who lives in the house allowed the FBI to search the home, however, he is not a suspect. The FBI and cadaver dogs searched the home.

Adkins went missing on Jan. 11, 1995. She was last seen on West 25th Street when she was 17 years old and five months pregnant. The location where police and the FBI are searching is located less than 10 blocks where Adkins was last seen.

Adkins' sister, who arrived at the scene Friday afternoon, said friends used to live in the house where officers are searching.

NewsChannel5 spoke with Adkins' family shortly after three missing women were found in a house on Seymour Avenue, where they were held captive for a decade.

"I was overjoyed these girls were found," said Adkins' sister, Tonia. "And then it went to sheer excitement that my sister could be there too. It was very hard to hear she wasn't."

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