Cleveland RTA Red Line curve repairs ahead of schedule

CLEVELAND - Repairs to the S-curve section of the RTA Red Line on Cleveland's west side are ahead of schedule, according to Mary McCahon Shaffer of RTA.

The rail line was shut down April 21 to fix ongoing drainage issues under the rails. Commuters have been shuttled by bus between the West Boulevard and West 117th rail stations during the $7 million construction project.

Work has progressed rapidly and the line will reopen before the planned June 8 date.

Another project on the RTA rail line is scheduled to be completed June 8.

Work to rebuild the Red Line tunnel at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport station has been underway since November.

The 1,600 foot-long tunnel, which originally opened in November 1968, is in the process of a $10.1 makeover.

Rail riders to and from the airport will continue to be shuttled by bus from the Brookpark station until the tunnel reopens on June 9.

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