Cleveland State University announces plan to speed graduation process and offset tuition increase

CLEVELAND - Cleveland State University announced a new plan to speed the graduation process and offset tuition increase.

The new plan calls for the school to rebate 2 percent of tuition cost plus $100 per semester in book expenses to undergraduates who complete their academic year in good standing with at least 30 credit hours.

Following a 2 percent tuition increase, the CSU Board of Trustees approved the Graduation Incentive Plan as a way to offset the rising price of books and tuition and to offer incentives to students who progress toward graduation at a steady rate.

Other efforts have also been made by CSU to accelerate the graduation process.

These efforts include capping the total credits needed for graduation at 120 hours, offering pre-registration for an academic year, and eliminating extra tuition costs for students who take more than 16 credit hours each semester.

"This is an extraordinary new incentive for students to facilitate their goal of earning a degree as quickly as possible at a reasonable cost," said CSU President Ronald Berkman in a news release. "We are firmly committed to student success, and this is one more piece of the puzzle. Together, these initiatives have the potential to save one to two years of attendance and tuition."

Under the new plan, students must maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average and complete 30 credit hours within the academic year.

The tuition rebate will be credited to the student's CSU account toward future tuition and credit will be issued at the CSU bookstore. Graduating seniors may use the earned credits toward graduate school tuition.

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