Cleveland woman Holly McFeeture seeks new trial over antifreeze poisoning death of Matthew Podolak

CLEVELAND - Lawyers are requesting a new trial for a Cleveland woman convicted of killing her fiance by poisoning his raspberry iced tea with antifreeze.

Holly McFeeture was scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday, but her attorneys are seeking a delay and arguing for a new trial.

The Plain Dealer reports the defense alleges the prosecutor's office withheld information about the credibility of a key witness who was an informant in another case.

The prosecutor's office says that witness wasn't promised anything for his testimony and was cross-examined at trial.

The 35-year-old McFeeture could face life in prison.

She was convicted in the 2006 death of 31-year-old Matthew Podolak, the father of their two children. Prosecutors alleged she poisoned his tea over several weeks.

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