Cousin of Amanda Berry home, ready to see Amanda for first time in 10 years

CLEVELAND - Balloons, signs and flowers covered the porch of a West 129th Street home where Amanda Berry's sister lives. It has become a gathering place for family and friends anxious to see her again.

"I love her with all my heart," said Amanda's cousin Michael Sneed.

Amanda disappeared 10 years ago while walking home from her job at Burger King the day before she turned 17. Family and friends marked the date of her disappearance each year with a vigil.

But Sneed never gave up hope, relying on his faith to get him through the difficult days.

"We have been waiting for so long -- 10 years -- for this day. We've kept the hope and faith alive."

Cleveland police called Amanda Berry a hero for screaming and getting the attention of a neighbor who helped get her out of the Seymour Avenue house.

"I don't know if you could find a stronger woman on this Earth. That's how I feel about my little cousin right now. She is the strongest woman I've seen."

Amanda Berry and her sister are with the FBI where they have a specialist helping the young woman.

"Gotta have faith. It's a miracle, it truly is," said Betty Goins, who spent part of the day at the home with the family.

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