Cuyahoga County beefs up security in wake of Boston Marathon explosions

CLEVELAND - Cuyahoga County officials are taking extra precautions in light of the explosions that happened at the Boston Marathon Monday afternoon.

Cuyahoga County Executive Ed Fitzgerald said they have ramped up security around the county, including putting the sheriff's impact unit on standby.

"It's a special unit of extra sheriff deputies that we added to our force of deputies. They're on standby, just in case something happens," Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald is a former FBI agent, as well as a prosecutor, and has made public safety a priority.

"We do have a public safety plan for the first time in county's history," Fitzgerald said. He added that at a time, when many sheriffs' departments are cutting back, Cuyahoga County has not. In fact, the county has added deputies.

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