East Cleveland Police Narcotics Unit seize assault rifles, drugs and other weapons

Assault rifles, drugs and other weapons were recovered from East Cleveland during a Narcotics Unit search warrant executed on Jan. 16.

According to East Cleveland Police Sgt. Scott Gardner, on January 16, Narcotics detectives conducted a search warrant on a Linwood Avenue address following up on a tip. The suspect the Narcotics Unit was looking for, Mark Makupson, was not in the residence at the time of the search, however; police recovered two assault rifles, two handguns, over 100 rounds of assault weapons ammunition, and two handguns fully loaded from the residence.

The East Cleveland Narcotics Unit also recovered were 1.2 pounds of raw cocaine and another bag of marijuana weighing around 200 grams.

Makupson has issued warrants for Aggravated Drug trafficking and Having Weapons Under Disability.

Any information on the males whereabouts we ask that you call the East Cleveland Police Department at 216-451-1234 or Crime Stoppers.

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