Elyria dog rescued from burning home resuscitated with pet oxygen mask

ELYRIA, Ohio -

Elyria Firefighters rescued a lifeless dog Friday from a burning home.

According to Elyria's Assistant Fire Chief Ron Brlas, crews were called out for a working fire at 532 State Street around 4 p.m. inside of a rental property.

Firefighters arrived on scene and forced entry inside, locating a Doberman unresponsive in the living room. There were no residents home at the time of the blaze.

The Assistant Fire Chief says crews were able to resuscitate the dog with a pet oxygen mask on scene.

"It really worked very quickly. The dog was totally out of it when it came out of the fire. Within a few seconds of getting fresh oxygen, it was coming around" said Chief Brlas.

The dogs owner, Robert Lee Harvey is thrilled that his pet is alright. Robert has a hearing disability and relies on his dog to alert him to things he cannot hear.

"She can hear when somebody knocks on the door. She protects me all the time" said Harvey.

Both Robert and his dog are doing just fine. They are staying with relatives until home repairs can be made.

Assistant Fire Chief Ron Brlas says the resuscitation was amazing, and that this was the first time in Fire Chief Joseph Pronesti's 24-years that the oxygen mask had to be used and did what it was supposed to do.

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