Extreme heat takes toll on cars even while parked, says Cleveland-area roadside service contractor

High heat and humidity causes multiple problems

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio - Rich Brooks sat frustrated leaning on his white Corvette. A turn of the key in the ignition provided only silent.

While killing time at Southpark Mall, Brooks and his friend became stranded.

"His wife came and got him and I've been stuck here waiting," Brooks said.

This is just one of many battery service calls for James Redmond, a AAA roadside service contractor.

"Even when you park your car, you're still using some battery voltage for the computer to keep its settings... Even when you walk away, or it's parked at night while you're asleep," Redmond said. "Most of your batteries that are pretty much on their last legs will either fail in extreme heat or cold."

After a series of on-site diagnostic tests, Redmond discovered that Brook's Corvette's alternator, which charges the battery, is the culprit. Redmond suggested a tow to be safe.

"I'll just turn everything off and try my luck all the way back to Valley City," Brooks said.

For AAA roadside help call: 1-800-222-4357 (800-AAA-HELP)

By noon on Wednesday, AAA had serviced 2,985 calls for assistance since Monday.

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