Free Cone Day: Enjoy free ice cream at Ben & Jerry's in University Heights

UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS, Ohio - The Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop in University Heights is giving customers a free cone Tuesday. It's not only a way to say "thanks," but also to show delicious means fair trade.

Is there a better way to say thank you than free ice cream? Not if you're Ben & Jerry's.

On Tuesday from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m., the Ben & Jerry's scoop shop on John Carroll Boulevard in University Heights will host its 34th annual Free Cone Day. The annual celebration is a way for the company to say thank you for another year of support – but that's not all.

If a delicious scoop isn't enough reason to stop by, you can feel good knowing the ice cream you're enjoying on Free Cone Day is free trade.

Ben & Jerry's has committed to transitioning all of its ice cream over to Fairtrade Certified by the end of the year. Many of the flavors that will be served on Free Cone Day have already met that deadline, with the remaining flavors doing so by this summer.

New flavors to try include:

- Liz Lemon: A lemon Greek frozen yogurt with a blueberry lavender swirl.
- Candy Bar Pie: A peanut butter ice cream with fudge flakes, chocolate nougat and sweet and salty pretzel swirls.

"Free Cone Day is one of the most exciting days at Ben & Jerry's," said Pam Leikin, manager of the University Heights scoop shop. "Every year we're amazed at the number of people that come out to Free Cone Day and to be able to show our appreciation for the fans in a tangible way is really special."

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